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Maya Zalbidea
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Heartbeat (1999) is a reflection on young people who suffers an alterated perception state and listen exclusively to the sound of their hearts, they panic at silence and feel comforted while taking shelter at dark discos in which they enter into a trance state. Heartbeaters always wear headphones, a common tendency of schizophrenics in order to not to hear their inner voices. This hypermedia includes images of a skinny adolescent's breast wearing a bra and listening to her heartbeats by using a stethoscope. The author, Dora García uses the stethoscope as a symbol of the headphones due to its aesthetical similarity, to analyze how young people use music to find their own identity and make sure that just like their heart beats because the music they listen to confirms they are alive.

(Source: Maya Zalbidea Paniagua)