CELL is possible because of contributions by a community dedicated to promoting electronic literature. As with all communities, CELL requires long-term sustainability of its projects and growth. There are many ways you can get involved. We offer formal partnership and membership relations, as described below. We also encourage informal participation in CELL.


The CELL initiative welcomes new memberships among organizations, universities, and publishers committed to promoting and expanding creation and research of electronic literature and related fields. Members will share their database entries with the CELL project in order to be included in the results of the Synapse search engine. You can find a list of members here.


If you don’t have a database producing data related to works of e-lit, you can still contribute to our initiative through a partnership.

  • Partners make use of the CELL site and tools in teaching and research.
  • Partners also promote the CELL project to the wider public.
  • The long term goals of CELL are to build on these initial stages to address editorial issues (e.g. best practices in editing) and scholarly issues (e.g. defining literary aspects of electronic literature). Members can contribute directly to these broader concerns.


To learn more about becoming a Partner or Member contact CELL here.