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Luciana Gattass
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Hermenetka is a project of Net Art that generates fortuitous cartographies from search engines in data bases. The starting point of the Hermenetka project is the Mediterranean view as spiritual scenery of thoughts, as method and search of knowledge. Hermenetka is an acronym formed from the association of Hermes, Greek god of communication and exchange; Net, from Internet and "Ka", a very complex part of the symbolism in ancient Egyptian mythology, Ka represents the consciousness and the guide of the invisible world, the kingdom of the dead. In contemporary era, the metaphor of the "sea between territories" (Mediterranean) embodies in the flows and the exchanges of cyberspace. The proposal of the Hermenetka is to generate plural cartographies of the seas of data that populate the quotidian of the cyberculture. The project is constituted by two types of mappings. In the first one, it is possible to generate a map in real time from topics that gravitate around the concept of the Mediterranean.The second possibility consists in answering the question "What is the Mediterranean for you?". In this case, your reply triggers a research in cyberspace for images and texts that will compose a unique map. The aesthetics project associates remixing, transparencies and revisits the watercolor techniques and collage practices of Robert Rauschemberg. In both cases, the image is generated at random and composed of different sizes and levels of transparent overlaying of images and texts. (Source: Author's description)