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Maya Zalbidea
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"Aurelia: Our dreams are a Second Life" is one of the videopoems by Belén Gache from the series "Lecturas" (Readings). Some of the videopoems of this series were proyected in the exhibition "El video como zona de cruce" ("Video as a Crossroad", in Centro Cultural de España, Montevideo, September 2007. In this videopoem the author walks around Second Life reading fragments of a text by Gérard de Nerval. She walks over the planets and walks through Paris streets. The reader listens to the author. She appears in the middle of the ocean accompanied by relaxing music and then suddenly she is in the middle of a disco surrounded by people dressed up as cybergoths. The video finished with the author walking over the Milky Way, this avatar of the author who is a reader at the same time does not pay attention to the places where she goes or the people she finds she is only interested in her reading.