Introducing CELL

“[t]he cell, the smallest autopoietic structure known today . . . the minimal unit that is capable of incessant self-organizing metabolism.” (Humberto Maturana)


The Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL) is an international organization led and managed by the ELO that currently includes 11 member organizations, research labs, and research centers. Since 2010, our collaborative network has been developing the information architecture needed for making born digital creative works and scholarly criticism findable across databases, world-wide.


Davin Heckman, Managing Director

Joseph Tabbi, Founding Director


The ELO recognizes the contribution of Anna Gibbs and Maria Angel for convening the initial CELL participants at a founding meeting in 2010, supported by a grant entitled “Creative Nation,” from the International Science Linkages Program of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Sydney, Australia. We also recognize NT2 for developing the CELL Search Tool.  


Member Organizations


●     CIBERIA (Spain), led by Maria Goicoechea, Laura Sanchez Gomez, and Begona A. Regueiro Salgado

●     NT2 (Canada), led by Bertrand Gervais, Sylvain Aubé, Gabriel Gaudette, Ariane Savoie and Robin Varenas

● (Portugal), led by Rui Torres

●     ELMCIP (Norway), led by Scott Rettberg

●     ADEL (Germany), led by Joergen Schaeffer, Peter Gendolla, and Robert Kalman

●     I <3 e-poetry (US), led by Leonardo Flores

●     Brown Digital Repository (US), led by John Cayley

●     ADELTA (Australia), led by Anna Gibbs and Maria Angel

●     EBR (US), led by Erik Rasmussen, Joe Tabbi, and Will Luers

●     Hermenia (Catalonia), led by Laura Borras

●     ELL (US), led by Dene Grigar and Nicholas Schiller


A Selection of Entries on Works of Electronic Literature


Cellproject blog hello world

Hello World!

I am very pleased to welcome you to the CELL website. As of May 5, our site is live and open to the world.

Electronic Literature Directory feed added to the CELL search engine.

Thanks to the hard work of Ewan Branda of the Electronic Literature Organization, entries from the Electronic Literature Directory are now displayed and available on the CELL search engine.More par