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Luc Dall'Armellina
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Opus No. 2 of the flow series started with "flog". Flow is the text of a fiction built on both moments from my family history, of contemporary immigration, and history that is told in the film Letter My friend Pol Cèbe, 1970 Desrois Michel and Antoine Bonfanti and José Thiais, of Medvedkines groups.Flow crosses eras and different narrative modes: family history, political history (the Medvedkine Groups) and contemporary news.Flow strives to tell a story, the story of a band of friends workers who leave a day in 1967 to Lille by car, plan one of their films in a cinema. They take a man hitchhiking with a funny halo on your head, at their request, it tells a story. He tells them that of grandma Mireille Sangatte in 2008 which will be indicted for crime of solidarity. The text features the telescoping of these two periods, reviving one another, forty years apart ...Flow becomes, through the same technical device as flog (a video playback teleprompter projected accompanied by a soundtrack) a fiction without pause, only a few moments of slowdown, which between the soundtrack and the voice, elasticity forms: a flow, giving the title to the piece.Luc Dall'Armellina - 2009