In the past this projected has organized:

  •   two international conferences: “Netzliteratur: Umbrüche in der literarischen Kommunikation” (2004) and “Beyond the Screen. Transformations of Literary Structures, Interfaces and Genres” (2008)
  •   three books in English language: “Beyond the Screen: Transformations of Literary Structures, Interfaces and Genres” (2010), “Reading Moving Letters: Digital Literature in Research and Teaching” (2010), “The Aesthetics of Net Literature: Writing, Reading and Playing in Programmable Media” (2007)
  •  research projects on electronic literature funded by German Research Foundation and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  •  co-edits for book series “International Texts in Critical Media Aesthetics”

In the future the project plans to:

  •     establish new research institute or research group “Literature in Electronic Media” (LEM)
  •     gain funding for “Archive of German Electronic Literature”
  •     publish a monograph on electronic literature (Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Munich)
  •     continue activities in CELL and “DDDL: European Network of Digital Literature”, e.g. “Erasmus Intensive Programme”

In regards to the CELL project, this project will make participate in the Vocabulary project and other initiatives that will arise, and as a result hope to create an initiative for an “Archive of German Electronic Literature.”