Ciberia is a collection of electronic literature works in Spanish created by the LEETHI group (European Literatures from Text to Hypermedia), using OdA 2.0., a learning objects’ repository built by ILSA research team at the Computing Sciences Faculty of the University Complutense of Madrid. Ciberia emerges from the need to make digital literature in Spanish more visible, report its development, and leave a trail that would compensate for its ephemeral quality. This collection is part of the research carried out by two research groups in Spain: ILSA, which has developed the software, and LEETHI, a group formed in 2000 by teachers from the Faculties of Philology and Education of the Complutense University of Madrid. Its members are specialized in different languages and their literatures (Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch). Their research activity has focused on the transformations of literary reading and writing rituals caused by digital technology and globalization. Their research methodology has been guided by the constant integration of literary, pedagogical and technological reflection, placing its emphasis on a transcultural perspective on hypermedia literary phenomena. With Ciberia, in particular, we want to pay attention to the development of digital literature in Spanish as a Pan-Hispanic phenomenon, which has created a new literary cybernation, with new contours, new heritage, new migrations and points of encounter.

So far we have collected a representative sample of 60 works to refine the data model. The selection was made trying to complement other directories as much as possible by introducing novelties, but we have also tried to keep a record of the most relevant pieces digital literature in Spanish. Its aim is to present, in a didactic and attractive manner, a selection of digital literature to a general audience. We have in mind an audience of non-expert readers of digital literature, teachers and students of literature and language, media studies, who do not have a reference point for Spanish digital literature. For this purpose, Ciberia is both a repository and a digital library: its aim is to provide a repository of learning objects (the cards themselves and their enriched content) created by researchers, authors and students, and a gateway to e-Literature works and online resources, whose main purpose is to facilitate the integration of electronic literature in the classrooms.