This knowledge base of short-form scholarship on born-digital poetry and poetics is designed as a reference for electronic literature from a poetic perspective. Its over 550 concise cross-referenced entries provide poetic, technological, and theoretical contexts, media-specific analysis, and strategies for readers to approach the work. One of its goals is to broaden the audience base for e-literature, both within and outside of academia. The first phase of this project began on December 19, 2010 with a solo critical writing performance – one e-poem per day, every day – resulting in a continuous run of 500 daily entries, completed on May 2, 2013. During its Summer of Pedagogy (2013), it produced teaching resources, data visualizations, calls for contributions, and presentation materials. It is currently in its second phase (launched on September 2, 2013), a collaborative effort with regular and guest contributors and open calls for contributions.

In the past, the members of I ♥ E-Poetry have:

  • Achieved 1st runner up in “Best Blog, Article or DH Publication” 2012 Digital Humanities Award.
  • Attracted over 15,000 unique visitors in its first 18 months.
  • Adoption in courses, comprehensive exam lists, other critical writing.
  • Integrated with the ELMCIP Knowledge Base.

In the future,  I ♥ E-Poetry plans to:

  • Review another 500 works of electronic literature.
  • Complete its coverage of e-literature publications and exhibitions.
  • Attract international contributor base to expand its coverage of e-literature from around the world.
  • Develop more teaching and research resources.
  • Integrate content with CELL network partners.
  • Publish book & ebook from its content to expand audience.
  • Seek funding to expand its research scope.